“Delicious and Safe”
Welcome to WAGOME! WAGOME is a gluten-free Japanese rice bread bakery.
Junko Kobayashi, WAGOME’s owner created unique and amazing gluten-free bread. 
All of our breads made from delicious Japanese rice “Koshihikari”.
The breads are free from gluten, egg, buckwheat, nuts.
Also, contains no additive, artificial colors or preservatives. 
All natural ingredients. Made in gluten free factory.
The rice bread, outside is crispy, inside it has a moist, smooth and chewy. Enjoy amazing taste you have never had!
We also have a selection of rice-based baked goods and pastas.
We hope that our rice breads helps for enjoying a gluten-free lifestyle and make happiness and smile. 

How to best enjoy our bread
WAGOME bread is best served warm use a microwave for soft bread, or a toaster for crispy bread.
Due to the consistency of our bread.
We recommemed cutting it with a straight blade knife.
Please wet the blade before and after cutting.
After cutting the bread, please store it wrapped in the plastic wrapper provided by WAGOME.
Our small breads do not need to be cut, but we recommend storing all WAGOME products in the freezer.

Sorry, we don't ship overseas.